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Health Effects of Decarbonization (HEALED): Understanding Key Determinants for Health Co-Benefits and Co-Harms

Team Members: Wei Peng (Princeton), Vivek Srikrishnan (Cornell), Klaus Keller (Dartmouth), Xinyuan Huang and Jinyu Shiwang (Penn State)

Key Stakeholders: 

Since many air pollutants are emitted from the same sources of greenhouse gas emissions, climate mitigation efforts can be an avenue to advance human health and well-being. With the advent of new technology choices and policy intervention, the HEALED Project studies which types of decarbonization actions lead to positive health benefits over time given future uncertainty. HEALED uses a robust and interdisciplinary modeling framework that represents how a wide range of factors, such as local technology pathways, cross-sectoral linkages, and changes in socioeconomic and demographic characteristics, impact the intensity and distribution of health co-benefits and co-harms.

Relevant Papers

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