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Science on the 7th: November 2023
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HEALED Workshop Fall 2023 - "Improving State-Level Energy Decisions to Address Air Quality, Health, and Equity Goals 

Date: September 18-19 2023

Location: SPIA in DC and virtually

As most of the climate and energy issues are felt at the local scale, local and state agencies are the main drivers of putting rigorous research into tangible action through enacting policies and programs that meet their local health, climate, and equity concerns. On September 18th-19th, the HEALED Project team hosted their first workshop to create a space for experts in energy modeling, environmental justice and equity, and health to share key insights of their own research and work and to identify potential barriers  and challenges to help streamline the implementation of integrated health and energy initiatives on the local scale. Through this workshop, the team hopes to design a research agenda that incorporates interdisciplinary knowledge/methods and collaboration among research institutions, government agencies, and universities to better address urgent health and climate priorities and potential research gaps. 

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