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DISES: Multi-Scale Modeling of Interactions Between Climate Change, Air Quality, and Social Inequalities

Team Members: Wei Peng (Princeton), Mark Budolfson (UT Austin), Noah Scovronick (Emory), Pengfei Wang (Princeton), Hui Yang (Penn State)

Key Stakeholders: 

Climate policies have the ability to not only allow us to meet our most ambitious climate goals, but also improve air quality and advance public health. However,  it is not clear on how these environmental and health impacts from these policies will be distributed among different groups of people. This project aims to study how our climate policies can help us meet our ambitious climate targets, while also advancing equity through taking into account the complex and interconnected relationships between our human, social, and environmental systems. Through using advanced modeling tools and methods, the team will:

  1. Analyze how certain climate policies affect air quality and health

  2. Study how these health impacts vary among different groups of people

  3. Incorporate these new insights into climate policy models

Relevant Papers

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