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Air quality and Health Effects of Electric Vehicles

Team Members: Wei Peng (Princeton), Johannes Urpelainen (Johns Hopkins), Haicheng Dai (Peking University), Anjali Sharma (IIT Bombay)

Key Stakeholders: 

Electric vehicles offer a viable opportunity to advance sustainability in the transportation sector. Focusing our research on two prominent EV markets, China and India, we will study under what specific characteristics yield co-benefits for public health and climate mitigation. The successful implementation of electric vehicles is contingent on: 

  1. Reducing the usage of fossil fuels to power these vehicles

  2. Building new infrastructure

  3. Changing consumer preferences.

Our modeling ensemble incorporates advanced modeling methods in emissions analysis, health impact assessment, and air quality modeling.  This modeling framework will then incorporate a wide variety of scenarios that represent changes in the electricity mix used for EVs, transportation infrastructure, and consumer preferences to better understand which circumstances yield positive changes in both climate mitigation and public health. 

Relevant Papers

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